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Preparation of the State Standard Conservation Districts Law from 1990

From NACD:

District Guides

Designed with conservation district needs in mind, these guides provide helpful hints for district activities. We are continually creating and searching for useful tools for districts, so check back regularly for new guides.

Taking Minutes Made Easy: A Training Tool
Powerpoint and Presentation Notes
Often times, organizations may find themselves focused on the front end of a meeting ­ do we have a good agenda, will all necessary topics be covered, are speakers confirmed, is there enough time? An important area that tends to get overlooked is the recording of these meetings through the taking of minutes. Having a uniform standard for the proper recording of minutes at your meeting is important to archiving the business and history of your organization. NACD has developed a narrated PowerPoint presentation to assist your organization or conservation district in the training of staff as to how to take minutes at your next meeting. This training tool is also useful in informing your members as to what is included in these minutes, all according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Establishing & Maintaining Relationships with Lawmakers
Connecting with Your Legislator PowerPoint and Presentation Notes
Created by Beth Mason, NACD Field Representative
In a time when budgets are challenged and new lawmakers enter into office, NACD has developed a PowerPoint presentation as a tool to assist conservation districts and state conservation associations in training their leaders to develop relationships with their legislators. This tool is constructed to be both a stand-alone presentation and one that can be expanded or edited to specific needs of conservation districts and state conservation associations. One source of information has been provided by the Center on Congress at Indiana University through their publication entitled, “Making Your Voice Heard” which can be downloaded electronically at www.centeroncongress.org. Paper copies of the pamphlet may be purchased by emailing congress@indiana.edu.

AgLearn offers over 2,500 USDA-developed AgLearn courses in Microsoft Office, project management, leadership, time management, communication and more. Click here for a PDF of the latest courses.

Fun Ways to Fundraise
Created by Phylis Brooks, NACD Field Representative and Beth Mason, NACD Field Representative

This six-page downloadable guide offers numerous fundraising activities for conservation districts, state associations and other groups looking for fun, effective ways to raise money.

More Dollars for your District
As public funds dwindle, demands for district action continue to grow. Most district officials constantly face conflict between projects and issues they would like to undertake and the funds available to accomplish them. This document provides ideas and approaches for financing district operations; many of the ideas come from conservation districts themselves. These ideas can be accomplished by districts small and large, with minimal staff or numerous employees. This 10-page downloadable guide provides necessary background for any district interested in stretching their dollars.

Fundraising for Districts
Created by Phylis Brooks, NACD Field Representative and Beth Mason, NACD Field Representative
This powerpoint presentation highlights fundraising techniques discussed in “More Dollars for your District” and “Fun Ways to Fundraise.”

Parliamentary Procedure—A Quick Reference Guide for Conservation District Officials
Running efficient and effective meetings is challenging. To help conservation districts improve the quality of their meetings and make sure all discussions are orderly, fair and to the point, NACD has developed this fact sheet on parliamentary procedure. The one-page document breaks down the basic rules for your district to use as a quick reference at your local board meetings, region meetings and national meetings.

Community Conservation Brochures: Community Conservation and Resources for Community Conservation
Does your district want to tell people about community conservation and how you can help them? These two brochures can be downloaded in Word and customized with district-specific information and photos. Both are tri-fold on letter-size paper for printing in the district office, in color or black and white.

The first general brochure, Community Conservation, focuses on what community conservation is, why it’s important, and what individuals can do to participate. Districts can use the brochure to inform the general public and targeted audiences about the importance of natural resource assessments and conservation planning in communities of all sizes.

The second brochure, Resources for Community Conservation, briefly describes the Partners—CD/NRDs, State Conservation Agencies, and NRCS—and their roles. Websites are given for several resource tools to give readers an idea of what is available. This brochure can be used with or without the general brochure, for more targeted audiences as a way of showing districts’ resources.

The Forest Landowner Natural Disaster Desk Guide & Tool Kit
The Forest Landowner Natural Disaster Desk Guide & Tool Kit is designed to be used by forest landowners. Its purpose is to provide information and resource material to help forest landowners develop disaster plans for reducing the amount of salvage timber products and biomass generated by a natural disaster. It also addresses ways to reduce the response and recovery time and expense generated from a natural disaster.

Establishing & Maintaining Relationships with Lawmakers
(as published in the Summer 09 issue of The Resource)
Developing and maintaining personal relationships with elected officials at all levels is an important part of successfully delivering your conservation message and influencing legislation, policy and budgets. NACD outlines the steps each conservation district can take to build and sustain relationships with their own lawmakers.

Community Wildfire Desk Guide and Toolkit
The NACD Community Wildfire Desk Guide and Toolkit are designed to be simple aids for use by conservation districts, Resource Conservation & Development Councils and Extension professionals. The desk guide provides information about activities prior to, during and after wildfire. Toolkit materials interact with and support this information and provide more thorough explanations and examples of activities.

Tips for Working with Local Media (as mentioned in the Summer 09 issue of The Resource)
Members of the local media can and should be an integral part of conservation districts’ outreach efforts. This brief guide provides tips for establishing and maintaining relationships with media in your community. Also included in the tip sheet are suggestions for honing your message.

Woody Biomass Desk Guide and Tool Kit
Designed for use by conservation district, Resource Conservation & Development and Extension professionals throughout the U.S, the Woody Biomass Desk Guide and Toolkit provides an overview of woody biomass production and utilization in the U.S., tips of how to provide effective outreach for your clientele, and educational handouts to share with your audiences. The purpose of this guide is to equip natural resource professionals and outreach specialists with the information and tools needed to increase awareness of the use of woody biomass for energy in the U.S.

District Program Evaluation Guide (as mentioned in the Fall 08 Edition of The Resource)
Evaluation is crucial to ensure your district’s operations are as running as efficiently and effectively as possible. NACD has put together a district program evaluation guide to help your district board to rate the district’s effectiveness in accomplishing its objectives within the community. This process allows for the district board and employees to become aware of your district’s strengths and weaknesses and to identify individual areas that may need to be addressed.

Board Diversity: Adding Diversity to the Conservation Partnership
Sometimes the entire community is not aware of the great things the partnership is engaged in on their behalf or they don’t think the partnership can help. If this is your situation, check out this guide and find out what you can do to recruit new board members and generate interest.

Conservation District Board Member Recruitment and Community Outreach Guide
Community outreach is at the heart of building a strong and responsive district program that provides the best possible customer service to the people in your community. The Community Outreach guide is a good source of information the importance of community outreach and the recruitment process.


Webinar Archive

Below, you will find links to webinars hosted by NACD or partners.

NACD/AFT Farm Bill Implementation Webinar Series

All webinars are archived on the AFT website found here.

NACD Urban and Community Conservation Webinars

The NACD Urban and Community Conservation Webinars, held 12:00noon-1:00pm eastern time on the third Thursday of each month, feature districts and their collaborators sharing projects, programs, how to’s and funding sources. To view the webinars, click here.

NRCS: Understanding the Food and Drug Administration’s Proposed Rules to the Food Safety Modernization Act

Click here to access webinar. Website requires a short registration process to view files.

NACD/EPA: CW 319 Nonpoint Source Program: New Rules and Guidelines, Renewed Focus on Results

Click here to stream webinar.

American Society of Agronomy: Cover Crops Webinar Series

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