Arizona Conservation Partnership

The Arizona Conservation PartnershipIMG_0135a

  • Our goal is to build locally led, landscape scale conservation partnerships in Arizona.
  • Arizona’s Conservation Districts partner with private landowners, BLM, NRCS, ASLD and other state and federal agencies, universities and other organizations who want to help manage and improve the health of Arizona’s rangelands.
  • The partnership provides technical and financial assistance focused on developing and implementing Coordinated Resource Management plans on the highest priority rangelands in Arizona.
  • The partnership will also work to:

–Standardize and streamline Coordinated Resource Management planning and practice design requirements

–Develop programmatic approaches for NEPA, T&E species recovery, cultural resource protection

–Promote the use of standardized soil surveys, ecological site descriptions, other basic resource data and maps across all agencies

–Promote standardize resource inventory, assessment and monitoring methods and interpretations for making science based land management decisions.

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  • Work with the local land owners and land users, state and federal agencies, tribes, universities, environmental organizations, and others to facilitate development and implementation of Coordinated Resource Management Plans
  • Work with the local CRM Field Group and land users to determine current status of existing CRM plans

–Identify agencies involved.

–Assess status of existing inventory and monitoring (ecological site maps, inventory data and photos, key area monitoring data and photos

–Identify resource concerns being addressed

–Assess current status of practices planned and applied, including those waiting for NEPA, cultural resource clearances, ESA consultation etc.

–Identify revisions needed in existing CRM plans

  • Adaptive management language needs to be included in many of the CRM plans so that the plans are flexible enough to adapt to changes in climate, new knowledge and technology, monitoring information, regulations, and new programs and funding opportunities
  • Conservation measures for currently listed species and candidate species need to be added to existing and new CRM plans.
  • Water quality measures may be needed for potential EPA clean water act rules
  • Riparian habitat needs, prescribed burning, forest health, wildfire control etc.

–Work with ranchers, state, tribal and federal agencies to identify new CRM plans needed through CRM Field Groups.

–Coordinate and schedule the needed inventories and CRM plan development with the land owners and appropriate agencies.

–Coordinate with other local conservation efforts, such as the Malpai Borderlands Group, Altar Valley Conservation Alliance, Cooperative Weed Management groups and other local efforts to help identify conservation planning and implementation needs

  • Work with the partnership to identify the highest priority conservation needs
  • Estimate funding needs to contract inventory and CRM plan development with available funds.
  • Use Education Centers to develop information and hold workshops on CRM planning, range management, monitoring, and other topics that will help encourage ranchers to participate in efforts to develop and implement sound management plans that maintain and/or restore healthy, sustainable conditions on Arizona’s rangelands.
  • Work with the local CRM Field Group to identify and eliminate barriers to Coordinated Resource Management Plan development and implementation. Provide that information to the CRM State Task Group and Executive Group levels as needed.


Photo courtesy of: Steve Barker
  • Arizona’s rangelands are the watersheds that capture precipitation to replenish the critical water supplies that support wildlife, livestock and crop production, rural and urban populations, and industries all across Arizona.
  • Our rangelands also provide forage for livestock and wildlife, wood products, and recreation uses.
  • They are the open spaces and working agricultural landscapes of Arizona.


2016 Rangeland Partnership Focus Areas

range focusUntitled.png

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