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We all have that water brand that we prefer, due to the versatile nature of taste and preferences as well as prestige. The market for water is also the largest noting that water is an essential basic commodity that one has to take on a daily basis. While choosing the brand to go with, there are various factors to consider from health to style and taste. Water brands are usually classified into either method of packaging, distillation or mineral composition.


Alkaline bottled water brand is rich in basic compounds and therefore is a great source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, several bicarbonates as well as potassium. These minerals have an important role to play in the holistic health of an individual. Health experts posit that it is commendable to take a bottle of alkaline water as soon as one wakes up in the morning. This helps the body to detoxify.

The stomach can absorb such minerals when empty. Some of the leading brands of water that boast of essential mineral compounds are exemplified below noting that only a few of them are indeed alkaline as they advertise This water brand usually have a PH of 7.5 and 7.2 and an orp of .15. Most alkaline water brand is processed by I micron filtration, UV light and ozonized.

  • Amway perfect water
  • Dasani
  • Aquafina
  • Aqauhydrate
  • Arrowhead
  • Chilli
  • Chippewa water
  • Core
  • Crystal geyser amongst many others.
  • Absopure that has an alkaline of 7.5


Reverse osmosis bottled water brands are processed through pure distillation of water to remove harmful elements. As water runs through rocks and valleys, it collects some essential ions and minerals that the body needs. Water is a universal solvent. All the chemical composition of rocks finds themselves therefore inside natural water.

Nonetheless, this natural sequence does not prevent elements such as lead and many other harmful minerals from being carried along. Bottling companies, therefore, uses reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis bottled water brands are unlike the product of home distillation. This is because many bottled brands have artificially added minerals as it is noted that water loses all the minerals in the distillation process. This is particularly a hazardous health phenomenon as water taken after distillation tends to absorb minerals from the body. Drinking reverse osmosis bottled water is therefore recommended as this water has been artificially cured of the deficiency from the distillation process. Primarily, most of the waters we drink are made using this process as most companies use triple purification system. The process is usually distillation, deionization, and filtration. Reverse osmosis bottled water brand equivalent is rain water before the industrial revolution.


Water in glass bottles brands have been hailed by environmentalist for long, glass containers do not erode easily and therefore usually preserve the mineral composition of the water as well as its taste and cleanliness. More also, glass does not pose any environmental hazard and therefore provides the solution to the sustainable debate. It is also a sign of prestige, and therefore most waters packaged in glass are considered top notch in the market. The oldest water in glass bottle brand is Ferrarelle, an Italian brand that was packaged in1893. Plastic bottles are also posited by an analyst to lease DEHA; a known carcinogenic substance notwithstanding that plastic is biodegradable. Therefore glass bottled water brand is considered a thumb when it comes to class and health by most late day’s progressive thinkers.

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